RAJAR Q3 data shows continued digital radio share

The third quarter data from RAJAR has been released, with the latest information about radio listening in the UK. The rate of weekly listening remained steady at 90% of the adult population, or about 49.1 million people. In Q2 2017, the rate was 90.3% and it was 89% in Q1 2017. The average listener tunes into 21.3 hours of live radio a week.

Digital radio listening continues to grow in the UK, with 61% weekly reach for the period. The digital share of all radio listening has steadily risen since 2011, with a 48.8% share in Q3 2017. That equates to 33 million UK adults tuning in to digital radio each week.

DAB sets are the most common source of digital listening at a 35.9% share. Online and apps have an 8% share and digital TV has a share of 4.9%. DAB sets also lead based on listening time, with 376 million hours and a 74% share. Total digital listening hours reached 511 million.

Finally, mobile listening did inch up slightly from the Q2 2017 results. At least 28% of adults listen to radio on their mobile phones or tablets at least once a month. There are also 8.7 million adults who say they listen to radio on earphones.

Anna Washenko