RAJAR Q2 results bring more digital radio growth in the UK

The RAJAR report for the second quarter of 2018 shows another period of growth for digital radio, even as the overall performance for radio dipped. The latest results showed that 48.8 million adults, or 89% of the adult population of the UK, tuned in to their preferred stations weekly. That figure is down from 90.2% in Q1 2018 and down from 90.3% in Q2 2017. The average listener hears 20.8 hours of live radio each week.

Digital radio now has 61% of the adult population tuning in every week, reaching 34 million people. These formats now hold more than half of all radio listening, edging into a majority with 50.2% for Q2 2018, up from 48.7% in the year-ago period. Average weekly digital listening hours total 510 million.

DAB sets contributed the lion’s share — 72% — of the digital listening hours. Online listening had a 19% share of digital listening time and DTV was the source of 9%.

The RAJAR survey also asked about listening on mobile devices. Overall, 25.9% of all adults said they listen to live radio on a smartphone or tablet at least once a month. Among ages 15-24, the rate is 35.7%. The rates for both the overall population and for younger adults were higher in the year-ago period at 27.2% and 38.4%, respectively.

Anna Washenko