RAJAR Q1: Digital listening to radio exceeds 50% in UK for first time

RAJAR released its Q1 report today, not to be confused with its much larger MIDAS survey that came out earlier this week. The Q1 headline: Digital share of all radio listening was over 50% for the first time (50.9%, up from 47.2% in Q1 2017).

That growth trend has been on the march since at least 2011:

Along with that share of listening, 63% of the population tunes into digital radio each week. RAJAR counts several sources as digital: DAB, digital TV, online streams, and radio apps. DAB owns 72% of digital listening hours.

Mobile listening to radio over-indexes in the young 15-24 age group, 37% of whom claim to use a phone or tablet at least once a month. The use by all adults of all ages is 28%.

Overall reach of UK radio is 90%, or about 42-million adults (15+). That number has grown by about a million year-over-year.

Average listening time in Q1 was 20.8 hours per week. And where does it happen? Mostly in-home (60%) with 24% in cars and 16% at work.


Brad Hill