RAJAR shows increased digital reach in UK listening

In the recently released Q3 report from RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research), UK listeners are becoming more digital, while overall radio reach remains high.

As in the U.S., most people in the UK listen to radio stations: 89% for the third quarter. That number has stayed in the tight 89% – 91% in each Q3 sine 2011.

Average time spent listening is 21.1 hours of live radio per week.

A small but still mighty 63% of the population tunes into digital radio every week — that’s 34-million pairs of ears. In RAJAR digital has a broad scope including DAB, digital TV, online streaming via computer, and radio apps. DAB owns the biggest chunk of the digital share, at 73%. Online streaming is 18% of all digital use.

Measuring the digital share of all listening, the number continues an eight-year rising trend, landing at 52.4%.

Brad Hill