Live365 opens UK market with overseas licensing deals

Streaming radio host Live365 has announced licensing agreements which open its internet radio streams to audiences in the U.K. This opens a new market of listeners for the recently revived iconic internet radio brand, and also UK broadcasters and pureplay webcasters.

Key to this development are agreements with PPL and PRS for Music, two major performing rights organizations in the UK. PPL licenses and collects royalties for use of recordings, and PRS for Music represents songwriters, composers, and publishers.

“Live365 is the compliant solution for webcasters that benefits the entire music industry,” said Jon Stephenson, Live365 CEO. “Other platforms willfully exploit copyrights as part of their business model. Our mission continues to expand by delivering the most diverse audio content to users around the world while ensuring rights holders are fairly compensated.”

Live365 started in 1999, and grew into a foundation pillar of internet radio. the company abruptly closed its business following the establishment of new royalty rates in January, 2016, and the simultaneous expiration of legislation that carved out low rates for small webcasters. One year later the brand emerged under new management, and it began streaming in May, 2017. In June of this year, Live365 expanded its compliance streaming to Canada. The company operates within the audio holding company Media Creek.

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