Study finds consumers value audio quality (given the right language)

MusicWatch has shared research into consumer sentiment about what listeners want in a music streaming subscription. When asked what feature would encourage them to pay for their tunes, far and away the top answer was control over a completely on-demand service at 39%. However, 11% said “sound quality as good as the recording studio.” Continue Reading


Study shows big split in Apple Music’s audience retention

A study by MusicWatch reviewed the success rate Apple Music has had among the company’s pool of iOS users. The study found that 77% of iOS users in the U.S. are aware of the new streaming platform, but only 11% said they are currently using Apple Music. Among people who had tried the service, 48% said they are not using it at this time. Continue Reading


Study finds discovery by streaming supports concert sales

MusicWatch and Eventbrite teamed up for a survey of how music discovery impacts listeners’ purchases related to live music. The results showed that 42% of the respondents cited streaming as a music discovery platform, and 51% of those streaming listeners bought tickets to a show by an artist they found on those services. Plus 29% of streaming discoverers attend two or more shows a month. Continue Reading

MusicWatch measures music service competition; Apple must differentiate its upcoming offering

Research company MusicWatch publicly released data points from its Annual Music Study, measuring relative popularity among leading streaming music outlets YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, VEVO, and iTunes Radio. The timing anticipates Apple’s expected announcement of its new on-demand music platform. Continue Reading