From the Copyright Office: All labels equal in music royalty rates

One aspect of the music licensing ruling expected from the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) has been delivered, as an answer from the Register of Copyrights to a question posed by the CRB. The question? Whether webcasters could pay different royalty rates to major labels and non-major labels. Continue Reading

David Oxenford: Adele’s New Record is Not on Online Streaming Services – Except Where It Is – The Difference Between Interactive and Noninteractive Streaming

by David Oxenford

Broadcast law attorney and guest columnist David Oxenford explains the difference between interactive and non-interactive music services in the context of Adele’s new album release, which is withheld from on-demand listening platforms like Rhapsody and Spotify. Continue Reading

Spotify payment dispute underlines the “black box” of music royalties

Buzz, accusations, and legal jargon are swirling around the echosphere today in the wake of Spotify’s removal of the Victory Records song catalog from its library. Music licensing and royalty payouts in interactive streaming services are complex, sometimes compared to an impenetrable black box. Is there a solution? Continue Reading


Pandora denied lower royalty rate to BMI after buying radio station

A federal judge has denied Pandora’s request to reverse an earlier rate-setting ruling, and allow Pandora to pay lower music royalties to BMI. The decision is a mile-marker along a twisting path that involves the market-leading Internet radio service (Pandora), both government-regulated PROs (BMI and ASCAP), and South Dakota radio station KXMZ. Continue Reading

David Oxenford: Understanding the Murky State of the Performance Right in Pre-1972 Sound Recordings

by David Oxenford

the legal issues around pre-1972 music royalty disputes are complex, tangled by conflicting federal and state regulations. State-court lawsuits in New York and California have favored plaintiffs seeking royalties from Pandora and Sirius XM, but a recent decision in Florida went the other way. Broadcast law attorney David Oxenford untangles. Continue Reading

Internet Radio Rewind #041: Should radio pay? Pandora earnings; something new for podcasting

A weekly podcast from RAIN News

Sponsored by AudioBoom

The weekly update of the streaming audio industry, from RAIN News. THIS WEEK: Copyright chief wants radio to pay; Copyright Royalty Board starts a music licensing trial; Sirius XM earnings; Pandora earnings; something new for podcasting. Continue Reading