Audiam opens its income-tracking tech to all clients

Digital rights agency Audiam has updated its client portal with the technology it uses to find unclaimed money for copyright owners. The change means that artists, songwriters, publishers, and labels can see reports on every version of their works across services, including covers that they may not have known about. The technology is called Layla, and it offers a granular view for tracking income. Continue Reading

Spotify payment dispute underlines the “black box” of music royalties

Buzz, accusations, and legal jargon are swirling around the echosphere today in the wake of Spotify’s removal of the Victory Records song catalog from its library. Music licensing and royalty payouts in interactive streaming services are complex, sometimes compared to an impenetrable black box. Is there a solution? Continue Reading

The Orchard adding royalty processing as more indies seek control

Indie distribution company The Orchard announced that it has purchased RoyaltyShare, a royalty-processing service, and made a strategic investment in a second royalty processor, Korrect. Thanks to the combined elements of those businesses, The Orchard will be providing a standalone royalty processing service for independent record labels. Business management has been a pivotal topic for independent artists as more listening happens in the online space, especially with the popularity of streaming platforms. Continue Reading

Audiam launches new IAMP division for timely royalty payments

Jeff Price, founder and CEO of Audiam, has launched a new division of his company called the International Association of Music Publishers. This group aims to quickly and accurately pay publishers mechanical royalties for the digital use of their creations. The FAQ explains that IAMP aims to also identify and record mechanical royalties that were previously earned but unpaid. Continue Reading

TuneCore launches YouTube Money as its latest Artist Service

TuneCore has added a new feature to its Artist Services program focused on incorporating YouTube into its monetization avenues. YouTube Money collects revenue for use of its customers’ music on the video channel for a one-time fee of $25. The FAQ for the service noted that display ads, overlay in-video ads, TrueView in-stream ads and non-skippable in-stream ads are all available for monetizing videos. Continue Reading

Coalition of musicians invests $2M in Audiam, to straighten out YouTube

Audiam, a seven-month-old startup, announced closing a $2-million investment round. Notably, the coalition of investors comprises musicians, small-label owners, and producers. The company solves a unique problem, by identifying unauthorized use of recorded music on YouTube, and generating royalties for rights-holders. Continue Reading