Roger Lanctot: Car Radio Facing Digital Vulnerability

by Roger Lanctot

Roger Lanctot is Associate Director of Strategy Analytics, and a thought leader in the connected-car space. In this guest article, he starts by noting that GM removed HD Radio from five 2015 car models, and nobody seemed to care. “HD Radio is poised to realize its full potential to transform the listening and content integration experience in the car. But work remains to be done and questions of signal quality must be resolved. Recent events suggest that consumers and (at least one) car maker are in danger of tuning out.”
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BMI partners with iBiquity for artist spotlight program

Music rights organization BMI has entered a partnership with iBiquity, the developer of HD Radio. The two parties will launch a new program called the HD Radio Artist Spotlight, which is intended to help promote new artists and support established ones on tour. The spotlight’s launch will focus on five of BMI’s country music acts. Continue Reading


Does radio have something to fear from the connected dash?

Much has been said about the ‘connected dash’ in recent weeks: the concern that radio has plenty to lose from forthcoming internet-connected cars, that’ll offer internet radio, Spotify-like services, and plenty more. Guest columnist James Cridland says that if you’re a radio broadcaster, you should start worrying right now. Continue Reading

Survey: Pandora is no threat to radio

It is perhaps no surprise that when Inside Radio surveys its readers, 82 percent of whom are radio veterans with at least 15 years in the business, the results are going to be pretty darn pro-radio. Still, the most eyebrow-raising point of the magazine’s year-end reader survey for 2013 might be filed in the Denial folder. Continue Reading


State of HD Radio: a conversation with Bob Struble

Is HD Radio evolutionary, revolutionary, or neither? That depends on who you ask. The digital transmission technology is expanding its footprint — again, either slowly or quickly depending on who you’re talking to. We spoke to Bob Struble, President and CEO of iBiquity, the developer and owner of HD Radio technology. Continue Reading