Borrell: 2022 double-digit ad growth for streaming audio; reduction forecast for radio

To promote an upcoming webinar next Tuesday, October 12, Borrell Associates has released projections of advertising recovery across 17 media categories. In it, radio is projected to experience negative growth, while streaming audio is predicted to grow ad revenue positively. Click for an explanatory graphic. Continue Reading

As radio attains digital sales expertise, double-digit growth projected by Borrell/RAB

Digital revenue for traditional radio stations is projected to grow at a 22% year-over-year clip in 2017, according to a new report issued by Borrell Associates and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB). Notably, radio stations report more confidence in the digital expertise of sales staffs, compared to the 2015 survey. Continue Reading


Digital revenue projected to grow for radio, RAB finds

Digital ad revenue for the radio industry increased 11.4% to $550.8 million in 2015. That’s the key takeaway from the latest benchmarking report commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau. According to the analysis, the average market cluster saw $961,756 from digital sales during the year. Continue Reading


Borrell: Programmatic advertising will take over by 2024; sales reps gone

Programmatic advertising is well established in the web display industry, and growing fast in video. Radio (broadcast and streaming) lags behind, but awareness is growing as ad-buying software platforms become more sophisticated for audio. What is the future? For Gordon Borrell, the answer is clear: Programmatic will take over audio ad buying and selling, and sales reps face elimination and changing roles. Continue Reading


Borrell: Digital dashboards will wipe out half of FM stations

In a fascinating and daring webinar yesterday hosted by Gordon Borrell, attendees were treated to a historical review of media technology disruption, followed by predictions in today’s media. One of those predictions: Half of AM/FM terrestrial stations will disappear by 2024, their demise driven by adoption of alternative in-car listening choices. RAIN spoke with Gordon Borrell. Continue Reading

Borrell report projects dramatic growth of pureplay mobile and advertising

The 40-page report analyzes migration from analog to digital, and the projected impact of that shift for print, broadcast, and Internet media platforms. One of the most distinct and rapid changes is projected within the shift to Internet. On the mobile side, the growth is dramatic over the past five years, and will gain more through 2018. Continue Reading