App Annie’s Q3 report finds a global filter on the mobile music snapshot

App Annie has released a report on the top mobile music apps for the third quarter of 2015. Spotify topped the charts for worldwide active users, revenue, and downloads on both iOS and Android platforms. Several of the combined charts showed a heavy international bent, featuring apps based in South Korea and India rising through the ranks to land in the top 10. Continue Reading

Test Drive: Ministry of Sound’s streaming app for the house music lovers

There have been some rumblings about the streaming industry potentially breaking itself into niche, genre-based offerings. Today, another electronic-centered company has entered the field. Ministry of Sound, a house and dance specialist based in the UK, launched a free streaming app with round-the-clock lean-back programming. Continue Reading

App Annie: Pandora and Spotify are among the top five iOS apps by revenue

App Annie always has great insights into mobile business, and the company’s latest report reviews the most popular iOS apps to date. The report has separate lists for global popularity by download and by revenue, with separate lists for games. Pandora took the crown as the highest-grossing iOS app, while Spotify ranked fifth on that chart. Continue Reading