Spotify bringing in-store “experiences” to Starbucks

Spotify Starbucks logos canvasSpotify has partnered with coffee chain Starbucks for what they’ve dubbed a “new digital music experience” in stores across the U.S. Under this new arrangement, patrons will be able to identify music playing over the store loudspeakers from within the Starbucks app. They can also then open the track directly within Spotify, add the track to a new Spotify playlist, and explore other recently played tunes. Starbucks will also have a suite of Spotify playlists available within the app. These functions are available in the Android and iOS versions of the Starbucks app.

This deal is most reminiscent of what Spotify (and other streamers) have also offered with Shazam and with SoundHound. The audio-ID apps gives listeners options to save tracks to a dedicated playlist in their preferred streaming service. For Spotify, this partnership could further its reach and brand recognition, possibly even hooking new coffee-fueled listeners into its service. For Starbucks, the appeal of the music integration could be adding value and encouraging activity within its app.

“Music has played a pivotal role in our stores for over forty years, and we have been at the forefront of how to integrate it into a retail environment,” said Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz. “We are merging the physical and digital, providing new access points for Spotify as they continue to grow globally, placing more control into our customers’ hands and giving artists the world’s largest stage for them to share their talent.”

Anna Washenko

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