Streaming made its mark on Germany’s music biz in 2015

German flag canvasThe German Federal Music Industry Association, or BVMI, has released its 2015 music data for the nation. The year saw a 3.9% increase in value with sales rising to €1.5 billion. Streaming services were a big portion of that growth. The format gained 96.6% last year and surpassed previous forecasts to reach a new peak. The combined streaming and digital download fields accounted for 30.9% of last year’s overall market. That’s a marked change from Germany’s 2014 results, which showed minor growth for streaming while CD sales actually rose.

On the other side of the coin, physical sales fell 4.2% over the year. Physical formats still secured a 69.1% share of the total German music market. Despite its tiny share of 3.3%, vinyl was the only physical type to post an increase, rising 32.2%. Also, even though overall digital performance was strong, digital download sales dropped 2.6%.

“Streaming services are now reaching a broader public,” BVMI Managing Director Dr. Florian Drücke said. “At the same time, 2015 confirms that Germans are across-the-board users; that is, they take advantage of all possible usages: In addition to streaming, vinyl continues to grow significantly.”

Anna Washenko