App Annie 2016 report: Mobile driving revenue for streaming’s old guard

Mobile analytics specialist App Annie has published its 2016 Retrospective. The report tracked another year of growth for the app industry, growth in worldwide downloads and time spent in app. Many other reports last year pointed to mobile as a key source of listeners for streaming music services, but this retrospective revealed that it can also be a big revenue driver. Continue Reading

App Annie’s Q3 report finds a global filter on the mobile music snapshot

App Annie has released a report on the top mobile music apps for the third quarter of 2015. Spotify topped the charts for worldwide active users, revenue, and downloads on both iOS and Android platforms. Several of the combined charts showed a heavy international bent, featuring apps based in South Korea and India rising through the ranks to land in the top 10. Continue Reading

App Annie: Pandora and Spotify are among the top five iOS apps by revenue

App Annie always has great insights into mobile business, and the company’s latest report reviews the most popular iOS apps to date. The report has separate lists for global popularity by download and by revenue, with separate lists for games. Pandora took the crown as the highest-grossing iOS app, while Spotify ranked fifth on that chart. Continue Reading

Pandora lands on list of top app publishers of 2014

Mobile analytics company App Annie released its list of the top app publishers of 2014. Pandora landed at number 37 in the rankings. Many of the 52 companies focus on mobile games or social media, and some of those companies put out dozens or even hundreds of apps. Pandora, even with its narrow focus, was one of the few music-focused brands to secure a spot on the list. Continue Reading

App Annie unveils new Index for Music

App Annie has launched a new Index for Music that tracks statistics for musical mobile software. The index combines data from both the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play marketplace for a look at the programs that are most downloaded and generate the most revenue across four subcategories: music listening, music creation, artists and information, and other. Continue Reading

Can apps bridge streaming and album sales? Paul McCartney is the latest to test the space

Record sales are a troubling metric for many artists in this increasingly digital world. One approach that’s gaining some traction among musicians is to release albums not just in physical formats or on music-purchasing sites, but as apps for mobile devices. Sir Paul McCartney is the latest to try his hand at the app approach. Continue Reading