Spotify, Pandora, and Beats Music among the leaders for in-app revenue

mobile drawing canvas 130hData from App Annie revealed that music services are among the top performers for in-app purchases in August. The analytics firm found that Spotify, Pandora, and Apple’s music apps were among the leaders for in-app revenue. All three ranked in the top 10 revenue generators for non-game apps.¬†Pandora’s performance was equally strong across operating systems, ranking No. 2 for both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play charts. Spotify secured the No, 7 spot on iOS and Beats Music rose to No. 9 on the Apple hardware.

These are respectable rankings for the three streaming services. As mobile becomes a more frequent choice for music, the opportunity grows for the services to lock in subscriptions and ad revenue from on-the-go listeners. Understanding of the mobile field and the ability to capitalize on those listeners will likely play a role in any successful business plan for streaming services.

Anna Washenko