Report finds Pandora and Apple Music among apps with the most mobile reach

comScore Mobile Metrix July 2015The comScore Mobile Metrix report for July 2015 included data about the top apps by reach across iOS and Android devices in the U.S. YouTube, with its joint popularity for video and music, was No. 3, and had 59.3% app audience reach. Pandora held the No. 7 spot with 43.9% reach. Apple Music snuck into the No. 14 with 24.1% reach, although it’s worth noting that it was on the list in previous months as iTunes Radio.

These results make an interesting counterpoint to the App Annie report released yesterday, which also tracked app popularity, but focused only on iOS use on a global scale. Spotify was on that roster, ranking in the top five highest-grossing non-game apps; Pandora took the top spot in that list.

Anna Washenko