Apple Music adds music publishing department

Apple Music has reportedly launched a new division for music publication. According to Music Business Worldwide, the division will work in operations, commercial, publisher relations, and A&R. The unit will be led by Elena Segal, who has been promoted from legal director of iTunes International to Global Director of Music Publishing for Apple Music. Continue Reading


Copyright Royalty Board: Songwriter hearing for interactive stream rates begins

This week, songwriters, composers, and publishers will begin lobbying the Copyright Royalty Board for larger royalty fees from streaming services. The hearing for songwriters and their professional organizations is set to start today. The CRB will be reviewing proposals from several parties as it works to determine the royalty rates paid for interactive streams over the 2018-2022 period. Continue Reading


NMPA and NSAI propose big boost in on-demand streaming publisher payments

The National Music Publishers Association and the Nashville Songwriters Association International have submitted their proposal for the rates publishers will receive from interactive music services in the 2018-2022 period. The groups’ submission to the Copyright Royalty Board includes a three-part formula for digital licensing rates. Continue Reading


Pandora gets direct deal with Downtown Music Publishing

Pandora has signed another direct deal, this time with Downtown Music Publishing. The rights management firm has music by writers ranging from The Beatles to Hans Zimmer and Jewel to One Direction in its catalog. The press release contains the same type of language that was in the announcements of Pandora’s recent licensing agreements with publishers such as Warner/Chappell, Sony/ATV, and SONGS Music Publishing. Continue Reading


Pandora inks direct deal with publisher SONGS

Pandora has added another direct licensing deal to its arsenal, this time with independent outfit SONGS Music Publishing. Details of the multi-year agreement were not disclosed. “Now is the time to move past the over-regulation of songwriter rights and towards a market-based approach to streaming music,” SONGS’ Matt Pincus said. Continue Reading


David Lowery petitions N.Y. Attorney General for publishing royalty investigation

David Lowery, a former professional musician and now an advocate for artists’ rights, has written to the New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to seek an investigation into unpaid mechanical royalties. This fall has seen some heated debate about licensing payments in the streaming music economy, particularly for publishers. Continue Reading