David Lowery petitions N.Y. Attorney General for publishing royalty investigation

David Lowery, a former professional musician and now an advocate for artists’ rights, has written to the New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to seek an investigation into unpaid mechanical royalties. This fall has seen some heated debate about licensing payments in the streaming music economy, particularly for publishers. Continue Reading

SoundCloud’s proposed contract with publishers’ group leaked

Paul Resnikoff of Digital Music News has uploaded a copy of the agreement SoundCloud is allegedly negotiating with the National Music Publishers Association. The two-year deal offers advances of about $350,000 to the participating publishers. In exchange, SoundCloud would get a license allowing its creator partners to monetize and promote their uploads. Continue Reading

Warner Music’s 2014 financials show streaming growth, but marginalized publishing revenue

Warner Music Group posted its financial report for the year ending Sept. 30, and the results included some impressive figures related to streaming. The company’s revenue rose 5.2% to $3.02 billion, it’s highest number since 2009. That total was bolstered by an increase of $150 million in revenue from streaming music. Continue Reading

BMI and ASCAP speak out in favor of revised consent decrees; NAB disagrees

BMI submitted a statement to the Department of Justice earlier this week with its proposed changes to the consent decree rules that govern collective licensing. The group’s main argument was that music publishers should be allowed to chose which rights they negotiate through the performing rights organizations. ASCAP echoed BMI’s sentiments in its own filing on Thursday. Continue Reading