David Lowery’s lawyers want details on Spotify/NMPA royalty settlement

The lawsuit filed by David Lowery against Spotify has gotten a new wrinkle today. Lowery’s legal team has filed a request to see all the correspondence sent by the streaming service to potential participants in the class action suit related to Spotify’s recent settlement with the National Music Publishers Association. Continue Reading

Deezer, Rhapsody reportedly react to David Lowery’s Spotify lawsuit

In the wake of David Lowery’s lawsuit against Spotify, other streaming services are now allegedly moving to protect themselves against similar actions. Both Deezer and Rhapsody have reportedly made moves related to Lowery’s catalogs with the bands Camper van Beethoven and Cracker. Continue Reading

David Lowery petitions N.Y. Attorney General for publishing royalty investigation

David Lowery, a former professional musician and now an advocate for artists’ rights, has written to the New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to seek an investigation into unpaid mechanical royalties. This fall has seen some heated debate about licensing payments in the streaming music economy, particularly for publishers. Continue Reading


Editor’s Notebook: David Lowery’s attempt to unwind music streaming

by Brad Hill

David Lowery, musicians’ advocate and the foremost critic of streaming music, posted a column in which he prescribes solutions to “fix” the streaming music business model — or, more accurately, his issues with it. Lowery’s arrows are pointed at Spotify, and his suggestions are surprising. Along the way, he misses some reality points. Continue Reading


Beats Music royalty statement leaks subscriber and royalty figures

A Beats Music royalty statement was leaked to The Trichordist, David Lowery’s musician advocacy site. The document divulges previously unknown subscriber and royalty information. Click for an informal and unofficial reconstruction of the Beats Music audience level and royalty percentages in March. Continue Reading