Music Reports debuts claiming system for publishers

Rights administration platform Music Reports has unveiled a new online system for publishers to claim and license recordings that embody their songs. The claiming system a place to keep accurate publishing data, register new works as they are published, and browse new commercial releases. A research team of 40 musicologists confirms all of the connections between songs.

“Music Reports’ new claiming system is an absolute game changer for the music industry because it solves the ‘unmatched recordings’ problem—a problem that is increasing exponentially,” the company’s Vice President and General Counsel Bill Colitre said. This new development at Music Reports follows on the launch of its Publisher Dashboard last month. This tool made the Songdex database for copyright analysis open to the public, a move that could help new publishing administrators entering the space.

Royalties and payments have been getting a moment in the legal spotlight, with several lawsuits recently filed by a handful of plaintiffs against streaming services. Spotify was sued in a class action by David Lowery in December; artist Melissa Ferrick filed her own charges shortly after.

Anna Washenko