Test Drive: Finding new podcast treats with Audiosear.ch discovery

Discovery has been a topic of great interest to the podcast creator and producer community, with top minds of the industry looking for better ways to get shows to the ears of excited listeners. Several companies and hosts are working on solutions to the problem, but some of the most promising answers have emerged from totally new startups. One such fresh endeavor is Audiosear.ch. Its discovery tools scale well to accommodate both new and veteran podcast listeners, and the initial trial of using it shows a tool with lots of promise. Continue Reading


audioBoom/Edison study follow-up: Smartphones dominate podcast listening

Last week, audioBoom released the first results from a podcast listening study conducted in conjunction with Edison Research. Today, we have access to the full slideshow presentation for the study, which offer addition insight into the podcast audience. It covers listening platforms and places of choice. Continue Reading


Audiocraft launches Agency for podcast production support

Australia-based Audiocraft, which describes its mission as “a community for Australian radiomakers and podcasters,” announced the creation of a new division that offers project talent for professionals in the audio industry — mainly podcasters. The creation of this agency shines a bit of light on the Australian podcasting market on the creative side. Continue Reading


Whooshkaa adds text-to-voice option for publishers

Podcast company Whooshkaa announced that it now offers text-to-voice service for its clients. This technology to turn written speech into spoken dialogue from Amazon is called Polly. The service offers several different voices and languages, however Whooshkaa’s press release highlighted the Nicole and Russell voices, both of which have Australian accents. Continue Reading