David Oxenford: Chairman Wheeler to Step Down on Inauguration Day Leaving a Republican-Controlled FCC – What’s It Mean for Broadcasters?

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by David Oxenford

In the most detailed and far-thinking report on Tom Wheeler's resignation that we've seen, guest columnist and renowned broadcast attorney David Oxenford lays out what a Republican-controlled FCC could mean after Inauguration Day.

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FCC head Tom Wheeler resigns, net neutrality threatened


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler resigned today, effective January 20 (inauguration day). It is a customary resignation when a new political administration is headed for the White House. In this case, a Republican president overseeing an agreeable Congress makes likely a reversal of net neutrality. what does it mean for online audio?

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Internet Radio Rewind #046: YouTube Analytics; Merlin magic for SoundCloud; FCC liberates Pandora; more

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A weekly podcast from RAIN News

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The weekly update of the streaming audio industry, from RAIN News. THIS WEEK: YouTube Analytics; DASH Radio emerges; Merlin magic for SoundCloud; FCC liberates Pandora; the ideal cost of music.

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