RAIN Notes: Wednesday, April 10

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Ari Herstand, musician, author, and consultant to musicians in the digital distribution realm, publishes an article in Variety: Takedown Fails: Artists Are Seeing Their Music Removed From DSPs for Streaming Fraud They Didn’t Commit. High volume uploading and streaming of unowned music is a serious problem, Herstand observes, and policing the problem is nearly impossible in the current open-upload structure. Legitimate libraries are sometimes misapprehended and removed by Spotify, leading to lost legitimate income and unhappy followers.Distributors like TuneCore and DistroKid are under pressure from DSPs, but most of the risk lands on legitimate artists, who must sometimes re-upload entire libraries. The article cites examples, and statements from Spotify that might seem to conflict with reality. “The solution to streaming fraud should not come at the expense of innocent artists,” Herstand concludes. Interesting and revealing READ.


Meeting Up

The second Toronto Podcast Meetup is being organized for April 16. Light on programming and heavy on meeting up, the two-hour event features Amanda Cupido, Founder and CEO of Lead Podcasting — she’s got a background in radio and journalism instruction at the college level. Tix are $25; register HERE.




Better Is Good

Content marketer, podcaster, and RAIN Summit speaker E.B. Moss informs us that Prohaska Consulting is hosting an online seminar: The Rebranding of News; How to Buy News Better. It’s on April 18 at 1:00pm ET. Webinar speakers are  Anthony Katsur (CEO, IAB Tech Lab), Sarah Bolton (EVP Business INtelligence, Advertiser PErceptions, and Matt Prohaska (CEO & Principal, Prohaska Consulting). The session is free; register HERE.


April 10, 2024

Brad Hill