Podtrac Podcast Industry Ranking (with RAIN Remix): Two new participants grow list to 22

Podtrac’s monthly Industry Ranking now lists 22 podcast publishers, ranking them by audience size. (Eligible podcast publishers are Podtrac clients.) The ranking also includes streams/downloads, which can also be characterized as plays. The number of active shows controlled by each network is represented in another column.

This month, Acast joins the ranker, as does an entity called iHeartRadio Audience Network — different from iHeartPodcasts, also represented.

Podtrac’s representation of this monthly measurement is below. Following that, the RAIN Remix which sorts and ranks Podtrac’s data in different ways. (Podtrac link HERE.)

The audience and downloads columns above are naturally influenced by how many shows are in each network. For example, the Acast network represents over 50,000 podcasts, while The New York Times represents 12 shows. The RAIN Remix reconfigures Podtrac’s original chart on a per-show bases, for both the audience count and the stream count.

First, the monthly audience per show (below). SinceĀ This American Life is represented here as a network, it controls only itself, and naturally has a large advantage in the per-show sorting.


And below, the streams/downloads per show, ranked from high to low:

Brad Hill