RAIN Notes: Tuesday, April 9

Jottings of note:



Fred Jacobs posts an epic column — What About Public Radio’s Muscle Memory — a deep and lengthy examination of public radio’s financial perils and lack of presence in the radio business thought sphere. Partly a promotional prelude to the 2024 edition of the Jacobs’ Public Radio Techsurvey, the piece is also a cogent analysis of unanswered questions pertaining to PR’s future. It’s a deep read with some good charts and a couple of videos. Read it HERE.



The FCC has ruled that radio stations may use FM boosters to create geo-targeted content … for three minutes per hour. Obviously a testing scenario, the ruling gives stations an opportunity to experiment with specialty programming … and specialty advertising. Leakage is a stated concern of arguments against the technology — the risk is interference with the main signal of the geo-targeting station or other stations in the region. Inside Radio characterizes the safety measures as “limited real-world testing.” The FCC says that benefits outweigh concerns. Read a tremendous amount of detail HERE.


The Winner Will Be…

The Quill Podcast Awards 2024 have opened for nominations, the first step in the annual awards process. The open invitation allows anyone to participate. Quill has determined 15 categories including Branded Podcast, Interview Podcast, and Creative Branded Podcast. Stepping aside from content, Quill also solicits nominations for Best Hosting Platform, Podcast Agency, Advertising Platform,  and Brand Advertiser. The process is open until April 26. Details are on the nomination page HERE.


April 9, 2024

Brad Hill