RAIN Summit Austin: New Opportunities for 2017 and Beyond

We are in a milestone year for audio. 2017 has been called “The year of the podcast” and “Podcasting’s breakthrough year.” At the same time, Smart Speakers are rocketing into consumer consciousness … and into their homes. RAIN Summit Austin is the gathering to know more about new audio technology, new listening habits, the latest consumer trends, and how radio is taking advantage of the brightest opportunities. Continue Reading


Webcast listening in May showed strong year-over-year growth (Triton Digital)

Year-over-year listening to streams gained 13% in May, according to Triton Digital’s monthly Webcast Metrics report, released today. Webcast listening in May was mostly flat compared to the previous month, looking at Triton Digital’s top 20 streaming clients. Pureplay internet streaming grew at a dramatically higher rate than broadcast streaming, year-over-year. Continue Reading


YouTube Red and Google Play Music to combine, but details are scarce

YouTube Head of Music Lyor Cohen said that Google Music Play and YouTube Red will be combined into a single property. Cohen confirmed the eventual merger during a session at the New Music Seminar event in New York. He said the move would help educate consumers and increase the company’s subscriber numbers. Continue Reading


ASCAP and BMI are making a joint database of rights, licensing information

ASCAP and BMI announced a collaboration that will see the two performing rights organizations create a single comprehensive database of musical works from their libraries. The database will contain an overview of shares and rights information for much of the music licensed in the United States, offering more clarity around music ownership. Continue Reading


Facebook acquires Source3 startup for rights management tech

Facebook’s possible plans for music content continue to take hazy shape as the company assembles tech and talent in that space. The latest development is the acquisition of Source3, a startup that specializes in “analyzing branded intellectual property in user-generated content.” The Source3 team and the company’s technology will be incorporated into Facebook’s ranks. Continue Reading