The new YouTube Music is coming next week as the video platform makes another shaky pitch for subscriptions

YouTube has announced its new streaming music service, and the platform will launch on May 22. YouTube Music will be a free new app and desktop player with the option for a YouTube Music Premium paid subscription. The move comes with changes across the video platform’s other entertainment properties, but it doesn’t seem to be entirely what was foreshadowed in the lead-up to today’s announcement. Continue Reading


YouTube Music revises charts for monitoring most popular music on the platform

YouTube Music announced that several new and updated charts tracking the most popular videos on the platform will launch in 44 countries. The U.S., Japan, Germany, Brazil, and the UK are among the nations that will receive the new charts. The new addition to YouTube Music’s chart roster follows Trending videos. Continue Reading


YouTube giving artists financial backing, as long as they don’t criticize the company

YouTube has its fair share of critics, especially in the music industry. According to a new report from Bloomberg, it seems that YouTube may be trying to create leverage that will keep musicians from making negative comments about the video platform. The publication said it has learned that YouTube has offered a few musicians hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial backing to produce videos and billboard promotion, with the caveat that these performers won’t say negative things about the company. Continue Reading