David Oxenford: Court of Appeals Upholds Copyright Royalty Board’s 2015 Webcasting Royalty Rate Decision

by David Oxenford

Years after the decision, SoundExchange is still pushing for an appeal of the Copyright Royalty Board’s determination of webcasting rates for the 2016-2020 period. Legal expert David Oxenford shares some background on how appeals courts review these cases and breaks down the latest ruling. Continue Reading

SXWorks adds more ways for publishers and songwriters to claim their works

SXWorks, a SoundExchange subsidiary, announced two new services to broaden its capabilities in searching and claiming address unknown Notice of Intention to Use filings. The new NOI Premium Services offers more paths for publishers and songwriters to claim unpaid mechanical royalties from digital service providers. This service includes Works Claiming and Recordation. Continue Reading

SoundExchange subsidiary launches database to help secure royalties for more rightsholders

SoundExchange subsidiary SXWorks announced the launch of a new service for music publishers and songwriters called the NOI Lookup. This searchable database contains all the address unknown Notice of Intention to Use filings made with the U.S. Copyright Office. These NOI filings are intended to inform a copyright owner of intent to distribute a musical composition. Continue Reading