SXWorks adds more ways for publishers and songwriters to claim their works

SXWorks, a SoundExchange subsidiary, announced two new services to broaden its capabilities in searching and claiming address unknown Notice of Intention to Use filings. These filings are made when copyrighted material is used, but the rightsholder hasn’t been identified. The NOI Lookup database from SXWorks is designed to help publishers and songwriters find their work in those filings and be paid accordingly for their use.

The new NOI Premium Services offers more paths for publishers and songwriters to claim unpaid mechanical royalties from digital service providers. This service includes Works Claiming and Recordation. Works Claiming helps to handle the process of connecting a rightsholder with their musical works. Recordation expands on Works Claiming by managing the submission of the proper information and documents to the Copyright Office.

“These new services represent the next step in the evolution of NOI Lookup. We know that giving publishers more control by creating new tools will help us chip away at the problem surrounding NOIs and unpaid royalties,” said SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe, also chairman of SXWorks. “It’s also important to note that NOI Lookup and NOI Premium Services represent the latest innovation – following our International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) Search and our new Music Data Exchange (MDX) program launched last month – to help publishers and songwriters by bringing transparency and efficiency to the music industry.”

Anna Washenko