NYTimes beta-launches dedicated listening app: New York Times Audio

The New York Times, producer of The Daily, one of the world’s most popular podcasts, is announcing the a beta testing launch of a NYT-specific listening app called New York Times Audio. Doing so stakes a reputational claim as a leading audio producer and podcast network worthy of a dedicated app. Click for more, and a link to volunteer as a tester. Continue Reading

NY Times “The Daily” crosses one-billion downloads; notches 2M per day

The New York Times issued a milestone brag today: Its flagship podcast, The Daily, has surpassed one-billion total downloads. “That’s billion with a b,” the company clarifies. In an exercise of imagination, arithmetic, and fudging the unknowns, we are led to imagine what “The Daily” is worth to the Times. Continue Reading

New York Times unveils its first narrative non-fiction podcast

The New York Times is launching a new podcast that marks its audio team’s first foray into narrative non-fiction. The audio documentary, titled Caliphate, will seek answers and context about ISIS and its role in the Middle East. Episodes will be released in the spring, and New York Times subscribers will receive early access to the series. Continue Reading