NY Times Q2 earnings: “The Daily” info and strategies

An item in today’s Podnews nudged our attention to the New York Times Q2 earnings statement. As Podnews mentioned, the Times disclosed that its leading podcast effort The Daily (the top news podcast in the U.S., and one of the most successful podcasts across categories) serves 3.5-million downloads per daily episode. We do some back-of-envelope math to estimate annual revenue. Click through for meeting quotes about podcast strategy at the Times. Continue Reading

NY Times “The Daily” crosses one-billion downloads; notches 2M per day

The New York Times issued a milestone brag today: Its flagship podcast, The Daily, has surpassed one-billion total downloads. “That’s billion with a b,” the company clarifies. In an exercise of imagination, arithmetic, and fudging the unknowns, we are led to imagine what “The Daily” is worth to the Times. Continue Reading