Nordic countries report heavy music streaming use, favoring YouTube and Spotify

Europe’s Nordic region continues to be a standard-setter for digital music adoption. The Polaris Nordic Digital Music Survey 2017 surveyed residents in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark about their listening habits. It found that 80% of all inhabitants between the ages of 12 and 65 used at least one streaming service in the past year. Continue Reading

Facebook acquires Source3 startup for rights management tech

Facebook’s possible plans for music content continue to take hazy shape as the company assembles tech and talent in that space. The latest development is the acquisition of Source3, a startup that specializes in “analyzing branded intellectual property in user-generated content.” The Source3 team and the company’s technology will be incorporated into Facebook’s ranks. Continue Reading


The Download on Podcasts: Facebook sees the light of audio — but must dive deeper

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One year ago this column complained about Facebook’s lack of native audio — a feature for users to post an audio file directly to Facebook, rather than linking out to it. Facebook’s slight has been the world’s biggest example of how audio takes a back seat to video. This week, Facebook abruptly turned its face toward the light (well, the sound). Continue Reading