Facebook Messenger getting closer ties with Apple Music

Facebook logo canvasSocial media juggernaut Facebook is making some updates to its Messenger app, including an upcoming collaboration with Apple Music. The deal was announced at the company’s F8 conference, although few specifics were shared.

From the presentation at F8, it seems like this agreement will allow Facebook users to browse Apple Music from within Messenger and send tracks from the chat program. Playback will also be added inside Messenger. Past integrations for Messenger in this vein have taken listeners out of the Facebook-owned app and into the music app. No launch date was shared for this collaboration, only that it is “coming soon.”

TechCrunch also picked up a story that Spotify might also be amping up its efforts for Facebook Messenger. Spotify published but then removed a blog post about a bot designed to use Messenger’s chat extensions to facilitate discovery and sharing in the chat app. It’s unclear what the status of this update might be, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for further confirmation.

Anna Washenko