BIA/Kelsey projects mobile besting radio for local ad revenue

Market forecaster BIA/Kelsey released its updated report on 2017 U.S. local ad revenues with mid-year data. So far, the forecast projects that revenue from mobile will edge out local radio from the top five media sources this year. Mobile is projected to see an 11% share with revenue of $16 billion, pushing the source into the top five in a tie with newspapers. Local radio dropped to sixth with $15.6 billion in revenue. Continue Reading

BIA/Kelsey report: “The Internet Radio Revolution Has Arrived”

Research firm BIA/Kelsey released a sponsored report called The Internet Radio Revolution Has Arrived, describing the growth of Internet radio and projecting its future. Using its own research supplemented by other sources (Edison Research, eMarketer), the report is a white paper that documents consumer uptake of Internet radio and identifies the growth drivers Continue Reading

Radio revenue steady in 2013; BIA/Kelsey breaks out top 10 earners

BIA/Kelsey released its quarterly Investing in Radio Market Report, summarizing industry income for 2013 and identifying the 10 richest stations by revenue for the year. RAIN spoke to Dr. Mark Fratrik, SVP at BIA/Kelsey, about the forward path to success for broadcasters in all markets. He emphasized a multi-platform approach. Continue Reading

BIA/Kelsey (sponsored) study “closes the loop” of mobile advertising

BIA/Kelsey has published a study of mobile advertising growth, sponsored by mobile ad network Verve Mobile. While serving as promotion for Verve, the report also identifies data points and defines new advertising technologies. The key technology focus of this report is “Attribution,” which purports to quantify the effectiveness of mobile ads, post-impression. Continue Reading

BIA/Kelsey: Online/digital powers local revenue growth

BIA/Kelsey today released its Annual U.S. Local Media Forecast for the next four years, with data covering 2012-2017. In it, two pillars of local-media revenue growth are identified: digital, and mobile. Traditional revenue (such as over-the-air and print) are forecast to remain essentially flat. RAIN spoke with BIA/Kelsey chief economist Mark Fratrik. Continue Reading