SoundExchange posts Q3 payments as it awaits CRB rate decision today

SoundExchange released its third-quarter figures for payments made and received from digital radio. The rights manager paid out $204 million in the quarter to 87,219 payees. The timing of this release is pointed, as today the Copyright Royalty Board is slated to release its decision on the statutory royalty rates to be paid by non-interactive streaming platforms during 2016-2020. Pandora is one of the bigger players to be impacted by this ruling, but SoundExchange has just as much on the line. Continue Reading


From the Copyright Office: All labels equal in music royalty rates

One aspect of the music licensing ruling expected from the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) has been delivered, as an answer from the Register of Copyrights to a question posed by the CRB. The question? Whether webcasters could pay different royalty rates to major labels and non-major labels. Continue Reading


CRB approves the NPR/SoundExchange 2016-2020 rate deal

SoundExchange and the public radio networks have received approval from the Copyright Royalty Board for their royalty settlement. CRB still needs to approve the part of the settlement that dubs the public radio sector a collective entity, a decision which is not expected until after it has settled rates for all webcasters. Continue Reading