Edison Research: AM/FM still leads Share of Music, but streaming and mobile are catching up

Edison Research has presented the latest installment of its Share of Ear series. The new report is titled Share of Music and it focuses on American adults’ music listening habits. This analysis reveals ongoing changes to where and when AM/FM radio still holds the largest share, as well as who is most frequently tuning in. Continue Reading


Electric Jukebox study raises questions over age and streaming

Electric Jukebox, which makes a set-top box for music, has commissioned a study from YouGov that explored how streaming may be missing out on the over-35 age demographic. The survey found that more over-35 respondents consider radio easier to use than streaming; only young millennials showed a strong preference for streaming over radio. Continue Reading


Centennials infographic: more knowledge about “digital natives”

Last July Mark Mulligan produced a study of “digital natives” — the generation which has never known a world without online connectivity and unlimited content. Another name for digital natives is Centennials, marking a demographic born in 1997 or later. A new infographic illustrates a research study about this key cohort. Continue Reading