RAIN Summit Chicago – Interview with David Raphael of Public Media Marketing

David Raphael, president of Public Media Marketing, took the stage at the RAIN Digital Audio Advertising Summit in Chicago to share his knowledge of podcast advertising. “I think there’s a certain level of education we have to do across the board with podcasting,” he told moderator Brian Pollina of the United Stations Radio Network and the crowd at House of Blues. Continue Reading


“Creating an audio identity” – RAIN Summit Chicago ad messaging panel

RAIN’s Digital Audio Advertising Summit in Chicago kicked off with a discussion of creative messaging. Lauren Nagel, Pandora Media’s group creative director, guided an insightful conversation with three experts that touched on topics from brand identity to personalization to machine learning. Continue Reading


Google Home tests out audio advertising

Voice-activated smart home speaker Google Home has started experimenting with what may or may not be an ad format. Owners of the device started hearing unprompted promotions for Disney’s upcoming live action version of Beauty and the Beast. Although Google then said the mentions weren’t intended as ads, will advertising be coming to these devices? Continue Reading