Radionomy blocks U.S. listening on TuneIn because of CRB rates

RAIN News has learned that Radionomy has pulled its stations from TuneIn's U.S. listening audience, over the cost of music licensing under the new Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) royalty rates. Radionomy told RAIN News that the company asked TuneIn to geo-block the U.S. from Radionomy streams. It is the latest disruption in the webcast industry coming from CRB rates implemented on January 1.

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CEO Westergren debuts in Pandora Q1 earnings call: Metrics, context, and quotes

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"Before I turn to the corporate update and the latest quarterly results, I want to offer some perspective on this company that I founded with two friends over 16 years ago."

That is how Tim Westergren, Founder and second-time CEO of Pandora, began yesterday's earnings call for Q1 2016. In a remarkable stretch of speech-making from him and COO Sara Clemens, Pandora set the stage for its Q1 financial reporting by aligning with musicians and detailing how its products and business strategies differentiate from competitors.

Click through for details and perspective.

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New Pandora ad doubles down on the joy of non-interactive listening [VIDEO]

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Pandora has released a new TV commercial in its line of "The Next Song Matters" series, called The Song. The new spot takes the theme of Pandora's first ad in this series (The Next Song) -- the joyous impact of the perfect song at the perfect time -- and compresses it into the deep feeling of music generally. In both, there is an underlying message of perfect music provided by non-interactive listening.

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The smartphone shift and what it means for radio

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The smartphone is one of the most influential consumer electronics categories of the last 20 years. It certainly influences how Americans listen to radio and internet-delivered audio. At RAIN Summit West, Edison Research President Larry Rosin brought new metrics about smartphone listening from Edison's ongoing Share of Ear and Infinite Dial consumer surveys. A shift is underway, too dramatic to disregard.

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Triton Digital’s programmatic audio advertising (a2x) enters the Japan market via Dentsu

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Triton Digital and Dentsu, the world's largest advertising agency, announced today the extension of Triton's a2x programmatic audio advertising platform to Japan via Dentsu's Cyber Communications Inc. (CCI) division. CCI will manage Japanese streaming audio inventory in that market in a new Dentsu division called "Premium Audio Series."

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RAIN Summit Snippets: Ginny Morris and Paul Jacobs on radio in the car

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"I sleep pretty well at night," Ginny Morris said to Paul Jacobs at RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas. Ginny Morris (CEO and Chair of Hubbard Radio) delivered a keynote presentation that included a chat with the Jacobs Media VP. But one thing does give pause to Morris' optimism, and that is self-driving cars. Listen to her discuss the future.

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