Zeno Media launches Zeno.FM for international radio streaming

Zeno MediZeno Media is announcing today the launch of Zeno.FM, an online directory of streaming radio stations around the world. Zeno specializes in providing local-radio listening to diaspora communities that cannot access broadcast signals from their native homes. Visitors to Zeno.FM can quickly scan stations from Jamaica, Brazil, Mali, Ghana, Haiti, South Africa, India, Senegal, Mexico, Nigeria, and other far-flung territories. Continue Reading

Zeno Media opens new strategic drive with Haitian radio app

Zeno Media, an aggregator of broadcast stations specializing in niche a diaspora communities, has launched a new strategic thrust with an agreement with about a dozen Haitian radio brands. Those stations are bundled into an app which provides streaming, Call-to-Listen (Zeno’s founding technology), on-demand content, subscription options, and intellectual property protections. Continue Reading


ZenoRadio announces acquisition, rebranding as Zeno Media; CEO shares the details

ZenoRadio has acquired AudioNow, with the new joint entity rebranding as Zeno Media. The deal will expand the new company’s broadcasting services, including Call-to-listen, mobile app development, and streaming. Morris Berger, CEO of Zeno Media, spoke with RAIN News by email about the acquisition and what sets its Call-to-listen business apart in the broadcast industry. Continue Reading