Zeno Media partners with ADORA in Dominican Republic for diaspora listeners

Zeno Media, which specializes in connecting diaspora communities to their homelands with streaming radio, has announced a new partnership with the Dominican Association of Broadcasters (ADORA) to develop and launch a mobile app for streaming the 165 broadcast members of ADORA.

The app will be called ADORA RADIO.

“We are pleased to be in a partnership with Zeno on this app. We have reviewed their app development as well as their monetization capabilities and feel very confident that our members will benefit greatly from this association,” said Rosa Medrano, President of ADORA.

The launch timetable projects the app will  be in the iOS and Android app stores by end of July.

“Morris Berger, CEO of Zeno Media added, “We are proud to add the ADORA RADIO app to our library of content focused on diaspora listeners. It has been a dream to include the influential Dominican broadcasters to our roster and now together with ADORA it is a reality.”

Brad Hill