David Oxenford: Podcaster Sued for Copyright Infringement for Using Music without Permission

by David Oxenford

Major labels and publishers are quick to call in the copyright lawyers, and this time their target was a podcast that they claimed was illegally using music in episodes. David Oxenford explains the distinctions between different performance licenses and what podcasters should do to stay on the right side of copyright law. Continue Reading


Songwriter groups and mechanical licensing companies reach accord on competition in Music Modernization Act

After some sharp exchanges, the music industry may be reuniting in its support of the Music Modernization Act, at least when it comes to mechanical licensing. Last month, several companies that currently operate in the mechanical licensing space traded barbs with songwriter groups over an effort to change that portion of the proposed legislation. Yesterday, the parties announced a new compromise. Continue Reading

SESAC reaches antitrust settlement with Radio Music Licensing Committee

The Radio Music Licensing Committee and performing rights organization SESAC have reached a settlement in the antitrust lawsuit filed by RMLC in 2012. The suit alleged that SESAC, which is privately owned and not subject to government oversight like ASCAP or BMI, had essentially monopolized the music it licenses. Continue Reading