Michael Robertson: Is the Spotify Deal With Joe Rogan Illegal?

by Michael Robertson

This guest contribution by iconic digital audio entrepreneur Michael Robertson digs into the U.S. copyright code and finds a statute which might relate to, and potentially invalidate, Spotify’s exclusive distribution deal with Joe Rogan. Continue Reading

REVIEW: 6 Seconds launches, turning global radio into a streaming jukebox

Serial entrepreneur and disruptor Michael Robertson has launched 6 Seconds, a mobile listening app that turns radio (broadcast and pureplay) into a searchable jukebox experience. The app is positioned as an alternative to Pandora, and we also found unique discovery features. Continue Reading


Michael Robertson: 5 Reasons Why NextRadio Makes No Sense

This guest contribution by Michael Robertson, founder of Internet Radio Search Engine and DAR.fm, was originally posted on Google Plus. On that site, the article is followed by an interesting comment discussion featuring James Cridland, a frequent RAIN contributor. Here, Roberston takes NextRadio to task. Right or wrong? Leave a comment! Continue Reading

MP3Tunes verdict: Michael Robertson owes millions; will appeal

“Hit” and “slammed” are the descriptors you see everywhere today, conveying the court decision in the Capital Records vs. MP3Tunes lawsuit. A milestone in the years-long trial, the jury found MP3Tunes founder and CEO Michael Robertson personally liable for music copyright infringement. Click through for old screenshots and a 2005 conversation with Robertson. Continue Reading