Billboard incorporates Pandora data into Hot 100 chart

Billboard is adding Pandora streaming data to its rankings on the Hot 100 chart. The Pandora numbers now join Nielsen Music’s data about track sales, radio airplay, and on-demand streaming in determining placements. Pandora will also be used for streaming-based charts and the genre-specific charts that are based on the Hot 100 formula. This change will take effect beginning Jan. 31 (for charts dated Feb. 11). Continue Reading

Billboard 200 gets first No. 1 from streaming performance

Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo has been a source of great interest to the music media in recent weeks, thanks to the rapper’s unique take on defining an album and his unusual approach to distribution. But the creation has also been very successful in attracting listeners. Pablo topped multiple album charts on the back of its strong streaming performance. Continue Reading