Quick Hits: Radio still lives, Starboy stats, and women in music

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

The radio star lives on: Vice ran a lengthy article positing that, contrary to many buzzy headlines, streaming will not be the death of radio. It explores the importance of DJ personality and presence, arguing that the human touch is something that digital outlets only using algorithms can’t replace.

The Weeknd smashes Spotify record: The metrics for pop hits have been shifting as listeners turn to streaming. The Weeknd’s new album, Starboy, hit an impressive milestone of the most Spotify streams in a single day. He’s dethroned Justin Bieber, who racked up 36 million streams on Nov. 13, 2015.

Billboard’s Women in Music 2016: Billboard has released its Women in Music feature, and it has a roster of the most powerful executives in the industry. Bozoma Saint John was named executive of the year on the list, thanks to her work as Apple Music/iTunes’ head of global consumer marketing. The list includes other noteworthy execs from labels, streaming companies, and other music organizations.

Anna Washenko