Radio trails streaming music for in-car listening in China

Strategy Analytics has released a study examining the outlook for terrestrial radio as alterative entertainment options take hold in cars. The survey of 4,790 car owners in the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and China pointed to a downward trend for terrestrial radio in favor of streaming and satellite radio. Continue Reading

German Autolabs secures funding round for in-car voice assistant Chris

A German startup received a funding round to support its development of a voice assistant focused on use in cars. German Autolabs secured €7 million for its work on the AI dubbed Chris, which launched in Europe late in 2018. Drivers can use Chris to operate Android phones behind the wheel, with support for messaging, navigation, calls, and music commands. Continue Reading


Drive Time Metrics awarded key patent for in-car media data and measurement

Drive Time Metrics (DTM), a connected car tech startup, announced that it has been awarded a patent for its core technology which collects, measures, and analyzes in-car media use. After four years in process, the patent positions DTM to provide a key measurements and in-car audience behavior insights to audio publishers such as broadcast radio and music services.  Continue Reading