Audioburst announces support for Android Auto and Samsung’s Bixby

Audioburst has announced two new partnerships for its platform of AI-powered audio snippets. First, Audioburst Auto is being rolled out on Android Auto in-car infotainment systems. The app offers drivers tailored playlists of short-form audio clips through a hands-free voice search. Audioburst Auto also includes a customized news feed, weather, traffic, and search, all available from voice commands.

The second deal will see Audioburst integrated with the Bixby voice assistant from Samsung. This partnership expands access to Audioburst’s content to more devices and customers. It is already available on the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms.

“Our primary focus at Audioburst is connecting listeners to the world’s best talk-audio content,” said Rachel Batish, Audioburst’s vice president of product. “These days everyone is busy and on the move. It’s impossible to parse all of the information thrown our way, especially during hands-free moments, such as when we are behind the wheel. Both Audioburst Auto and our integration with Bixby ensure that listeners can get fresh, relevant audio no matter where their day takes them.”

Anna Washenko