Otto Radio gets Samsung investment, launches public API

Otto Radio has secured an investment from Samsung NEXT, the venture capital arm of the tech conglomerate. Otto Radio offers audio streams of podcasts and audio news centered on a particular listener’s own interests; think of the concept as Pandora for podcasts. The investment lines up with Otto’s launch of the Otto Everywhere API, which lets other companies access that personalized audio stream. Continue Reading


Samsung denies that it will acquire Tidal, but is reportedly ready to shut down Milk Music

Never a dull moment with music service Tidal, and companies associated with it. Rumors are afloat that tech giant Samsung might acquire the Jay Z-owned music service. The rumors are loud enough to draw a denial from Samsung. At the same time, new rumors say that Samsung-owned Milk Music might be discontinued, leaving a hole in Samsung’s consumer ecosystem. Continue Reading


Samsung shutters Milk Video following unit layoffs

After less than a year, Samsung is shuttering its Milk Video service. The company hasn’t given details about why the service closed or where it’s media strategy will go next. While this news doesn’t seem to have an immediate impact on the streaming music platform run by Samsung, Milk Music is also part of the division that also housed Milk Video. Continue Reading