TriPlay buys out eMusic

TriPlay has acquired eMusic for an undisclosed price. The deal will retain eMusic’s executives and employees for a single company that will combine TriPlay’s cloud services with eMusic’s digital storefront. The joint business will see eMusic integrated into MyMusicCloud so that users can buy tunes and add them to online collections within a single interface. Continue Reading


Nielsen Music reports worst week for downloads, but best for streams

Nielsen Music’s data for the week ending Aug. 27 was the lowest for digital song sales in seven years. Only 15.66 million songs were sold on digital platforms for the week. The top track for the period, “Locked Away” by R. City, sold only 92,000 downloads. On the other hand, that same week had the highest level of on-demand audio and video streams. Continue Reading


Beatport posts decreased Q1 download revenue

The general trend in the music industry has been a steady decline in sales of downloads, and that appears to be impacting even niche stores. EDM and DJ specialty platform Beatport’s financial information was released in the quarterly filings for parent company SFX Entertainment. In the first quarter this year, the company’s revenue from digital downloads totaled $8.9 million, compared with $11.6 million for the same metric in the year-ago period. Continue Reading


Qtrax is back with new claims of a digital music revolution

Qtrax is aiming for a relaunch some time in 2015 as an ad-supported streaming service that will stop piracy and better compensate artists. CEO Allan Klepfisz talked a big game in an interview with The Telegraph, calling those goals “two paradigm shifts.” But the news of Qtrax’s resurgence has been met by the music press with mostly skepticism. Continue Reading