Quick Hits: Free music; monetizing podcasts; podcaster listening habits

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Where to find free music downloads: Billboard published a round-up of the online resources for free and legal music downloads. The piece may be a reaction to the RIAA’s recent call-out of piracy platforms. Even if you’re happily satisfied with your existing music subscriptions and collection, it’s still worth knowing what’s out there as an option.

Advice for how to monetize your podcasts: Jeremy Enns of Ascetic Productions penned an extensive blog post about how to approach monetizing a podcast. It’s a smart explainer, and while the holistic business mindset that he espouses may not be an accurate fit for all podcasters, it’s definitely a valuable perspective to think about.

Podcasters may listen less to other podcasts: Here’s an interesting assessment of how podcasters have a different listening approach to their medium than non-podcasters. It’s a breakdown of data from Kevin Goldberg’s 2017 Podcast Trends Report, and it shows that podcasters generally have more focus in what they subscribe to. The general trend was that podcasters subscribe to fewer shows and listened to fewer shows in the past month. (Hat tip to James Cridland’s podnews for both the podcasting items in today’s Quick Hits.)


Anna Washenko