Garth Brooks to stream full catalog to Amazon Music Unlimited


Amazon may be the newest player elbowing into the subscription streaming music business, but it's closing the year with a blockbuster announcement: Garth Brooks is bringing his entire catalog exclusively to the platform. The country music star, a long-time digital hold-out, will put 16 albums onto Amazon Music beginning Dec. 24 at midnight Eastern time.

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Changes of heart: Metallica is on Napster, Radiohead is on Spotify


Metallica is out with a new album and the band has gone an unusual route with distribution. Hardwired… To Self Destruct has been released on most of the usual digital outlets, but it is also on YouTube in its entirety. Metallica's adoption of streaming distribution contradicts the band's earlier resistence, and contains some irony. Then there is Radiohead, once a hold-out, which is now streaming on Spotify.

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Frank Ocean’s Blonde arrives on Spotify (if you can find it)


Frank Ocean’s new album Blonde was the latest album to spark debates about exclusive releases. Today, the album is available on other streaming services after two weeks as an Apple Music exclusive. But if you’re a Spotify subscriber who has been waiting to hear Blonde, you probably wouldn’t know it had arrived by opening the app.

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Spotify reportedly up to 39M subs, still not interested in exclusives

Troy Carter canvas

One of Spotify’s latest hires announced that the streaming service now has 39 million paid subscribers. Troy Carter, global head of creator services, told Billboard that Spotify has added 9 million paying customers since the last audience update in March. The interview also touched on the streaming sector’s current race for exclusive releases.

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